Friday, 11 January 2013

New Release Phoenix: The Rising!

Every 300 years, the immortal Phoenix returns to Mono Lake to be reborn--but this time it didn't return alone. The Nephilim are back in force, trying to keep it from being reborn so one of them can claim its immortality. But first they have to figure out who the Phoenix is--and any red-haired, green-eyed, seventeen-year-old in the area is fair game. And so, the killing begins...

Julie Mason doesn't believe all this legend crap until she falls for Eli Sullivan, whose hallucination-inducing kiss not only saves her, but makes her the Nephilim’s prime target. But, it's worth the risk. Her death is inevitable...not even Eli can prevent it. All she has to do is keep the Nephilim off Eli’s trail until The Rising. Once Eli is reborn and forgets his past life, Julie’s life is over, whether she’s dead or not. At least that's what she thinks...
Chapter One: First Kill

He was going to do it, and there was absolutely nothing she
could do—nothing she could say—to stop him. He had no fear.
She tried one last time.
“Damn it, Clark! Get your ass down here!”
Clark smirked, raised his fist, and flipped her the bird.
“Screw you, Allison. I’m Superman!”
Then he jumped.
His short, red, pajama cape fluttered behind him as he flew
from his perch on top of the refrigerator, then flipped over his head on
the quick descent to the cool marble tiles below. Pain contorted the
little monster’s face as he crumpled into a broken ball on the kitchen
“Crap!” Allison peeled her legs loose from the tangle of
appendages Clark’s brother, Clayton, had pretzeled around her and
raced into the kitchen, sliding to a stop in front of the boy. She didn't
know whether to strangle him or sweep him up in her arms. At least
he was down.
“Ooo ... you are in so much trouble!” Clayton peered
breathlessly over her shoulder as she examined the wailing boy’s
ankle. “My parents are gonna kill you!”
The little shit was right. Allison knew she was in trouble. She
had just maimed the high school principal’s son. She would never get
another babysitting job in Palisades, and no babysitting jobs meant no
car for her senior year. She was doomed. Time to kiss butt.
“I’m so sorry, Clark!” Allison tugged the freezer open. “Want
a popsicle?”
Cherry. He loves cherry! Grabbing the box, she rifled
through the frozen treats looking for a hint of the coveted ruby color,
knowing full well that Clayton had scarfed the last one down before
“Oh, Allison...”
Allison stopped her frantic search and turned. The eight-year
old twins stood side-by-side, dead-ringers for the towheaded terrors
The Village of the Damned. Allison shuddered, half-expecting
their eyes to start glowing. Instead, Clark’s face twisted into a
maniacal leer.
“You are such an idiot!”
The two brothers bolted from the kitchen before Allison even
realized that Clark had been faking it. As she rounded the corner to
the family room, the boys were already using their mother’s prized
Natuzzi roll-arm sofa as a trampoline.
“Hey, Allison, we got somethin’ special to show you.”
Clayton, the thicker of the two, cupped his hand to his brother’s ear
and whispered. Clark nodded. “On three. One, two, three!”
Clark whooped as he flipped her the bird again, and Clayton
one-upped his brother when he bent over and pulled the back of his
Ninja Turtle pajama bottoms down, mooning Allison with his pudgy,
white, eight-year-old butt. He waggled it at her while Clark decided to
use both hands to flip her a succession of double-birds.
“Thanks, guys! I can’t wait to show this to your parents.”
Both boys stood motionless on the couch, their jaws hanging
slack as they stared at the cell phone in Allison’s hand.
“I’m sure they’d love to see how you behave when they’re
Allison stuffed the incriminating evidence in her pocket,
smiled, and perched herself on Mrs. Paulson’s favorite wingback. She
grabbed a
People magazine and thumbed through it as she hummed to
herself, silently gloating that she beat the two little shits at their own
game. The boys looked at each other, then hopped off the sofa and
approached Allison.
“We’re sorry, Allison. We’ll be good.” Tears welled up in
Clark’s milky blue eyes.
“Please don’t tell. We’ll even go to bed early. Just don’t tell
them!” Clayton sniffled, wiping his runny nose on the back of his
already snot-smeared hand. Real tears flowed down his reddened
Allison fought back the urge to laugh. Blackmail was such an
awesome motivator! “Okay. I won’t tell them. But you two are going
to bed now, and when I check on you in fifteen minutes, you better be
asleep.” Without a word, the boys turned and headed upstairs. Clark
stopped at the top.
“I really am sorry, Allison.”
Allison’s heart melted ... just a bit.
“I know you are, Clark. Now go to bed.”

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