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Discover the Vulcan Legacies Series by Sasha Hibbs #ExclusiveExcerpt

Greetings readers! I’d like to talk a bit about my YA series, the Vulcan Legacies. With three books out and working on the fourth, I’ve created a paranormal world filled with all kinds of romance, suspense, and interesting mythology with my own personal twist.

This series is about a girl, Ally Watson, who has found herself thrown into a world she didn’t know existed and worse yet, Ally discovers she is the product of a curse forged long ago between good and evil. The trick? It’s up to her to set right all the wrongs her ancestors made. Ally’s decisions about love and sacrifice will either tip the scales in her favor or unleash Hell on earth. No pressure there, right? J

My favorite part about writing a series would have to include all the secondary characters we come to know and love. We want to find out their story, what happens to them. In my third novel, Black Atonement, with a character everyone loved to hate, I got to do just that: explore the world and mind of Brandi Frasier. A person, who seemingly started out as a snarky character we wanted to despise, actually took on a life of her own, redeeming herself in such a way, that she’s become a personal favorite.

Now, back to Ally’s story, in book four, Black Apocalypse, I pick up where book two, Black Abaddon, left off. With such an ending, I’ve been asked:

“OMG! What were you thinking? Marik? Michael? Abaddon?” *insert some hysterical screaming here*

To which I reply, “Calm down, calm down! I’m all about the HEA, people! Have some faith in the author. I shall deliver!” *insert me shaking my fist to my computer screen, vowing to avenge all my characters and give them a HEA so my readers won’t lynch mob me*

So, in book four, brace yourself for some surprises. I love cliffhangers, but book four promises to answers all the questions raised from the first three books. And here’s an exclusive excerpt (unedited) from book 4, Black Apocalypse:

     He brushed his lips against hers again and again, whispering those lyrics so appropriate for them, for their life, their death, their love against a world that like her essence was fading fast. “Are you still mine? I need your love.”

     With shaky hands, Abaddon pulled her down to the ground with him. Cradling her in his lap, he grazed his canines against her throat. “I need your love,” Abaddon whispered, as Ally laced her fingers through his hair, pulling him down to her vein. She arched her back, pressed up against him, encouraged him to drink from her, to take her to where he’d been.

     Abaddon exhaled against her skin. With one hand holding the base of her neck and the other pressed firmly into the small of her back, he pierced her, sunk his teeth into the soft flesh at her neck. He took her into him, her blood coursing through him, sating a hunger for far more than sustenance. In her blood was the story of their life, the answers he sought, the stanzas to their own song.

     Abaddon could feel the life slowly fade from her, could hear her heartbeat slow. Removing his canines, he drew back from her. Her head lulled to the side, her pupils beginning to fix. He brought her lips back to his, kissed her gently, remembering their dance so long ago to Unchained Melody.

     As the last breath escaped her body, Abaddon clutched her tightly to his chest, a crimson tear falling against her, he whispered into her ear, “Godspeed your love to me.”

Books 1-3 of the Vulcan Legacies series are now available:

Black Apocalypse is coming soon!

And as an extra, here’s the playlist for Black Apocalypse:
·      Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart
·      Jealous Guy covered by Casey James
·      Hush by Basia Bulat
·      Creep covered by Brandi Carlile
·      Half of You by Cat Power
·      Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers
·      Blame it on Me by Sparrow and the Workshop
·      Mercenary by Sparrow and the Workshop

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