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Celebrate the Freedom to Read with Sasha Hibbs #BannedBooksWeek

September 27 - October 3

It's BANNED BOOKS WEEK and we're recognizing this important week with BANNED BOOK features from our authors. 

Please welcome Sasha Hibbs, author of the four book Vulcan Legacies Series (Black Amarath, Black Abaddon, Black Atonement, and Black Apocalypse)!

I remember when the first Harry Potter book came out in the United States. I was in high school. And what started out as a welfare recipient mom writing bits and pieces of a story on napkins while trying to sooth her baby in a coffee shop caught the world by surprise, caught fire with a world she created that turned into an empire.

My high school (school-who-will-not-be-named) didn’t carry the Harry Potter series, but I had a cool sister who bought them for me and after book 1, I was addicted.

I can remember listening to John Boy and Billy on the radio and them constantly debating over these books. There was so much controversy in my neck of the woods from churches and religious fanatics who regarded the Harry Potter series as witchcraft and the work of the devil.

It was ludicrous to me then and hilarious to me now.

It was an amazing series, so much so, I just don’t think anything will surpass it in my lifetime. I may be speaking too soon. When the last book was released, (by this time I had long since graduated and started working as a nurse) I remember calling my supervisor because it was my scheduled day to work and I begged her to let me drive up to the mall after my med pass and get my hands on what I was sure would be one the greatest moments of my life. And she said yes, and guess what? It was.

I could never fully grasp why the Harry Potter series was banned from so many school libraries. It was magical then and magical now. It was about a boy who lost both of his parents in a tragic murder, and he lived when he should’ve died. But the magical part in this series wasn’t all the witches and wizards, it was in how Harry lived and loved.

Things are bit more lenient today than what they were then in regards to banned books. Now that I am an adult contributing to what my kids can read and cannot read… I am happy to report that to this day I’ve not banned anything from them. I trust them to read and make their own assessment. One of the joys of reading books evoking controversy is that we can all read the same book and come away with a different perspective. I want that for my kids. I trust them. I want them to think independently. And this is one way to start! 

About the author:
By age 5, Sasha Hibbs' favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. By age 12, she completed her 7th grade book report on the sequel, Scarlett. By 18, she met and married her very own Mr. Rhett Butler and as it turns out, she never had to worry about going back to Tara to win the love of her life back. Fortunately, he stuck with her.  
With a love of all things paranormal, the ambiance of the South with its gigantic antebellum mansions and canopies of Spanish moss, and a love for her husband’s rich storytelling of blacksmiths and the mythology surrounding their origins, it wasn’t long until the world of her debut novel, Black Amaranth, was born.
When not working her day job as a nurse, you can find Sasha dreaming of her next beach trip, reading the latest YA novel, and drinking more white chocolate mocha than she should.  
Sasha lives in mountainous West Virginia with her husband, Tim, and their two daughters, Aeliza and Ava. Find Sasha here: BLOG / WEBSITE
BLACK APOCALYPSE (The Vulcan Legacies, 4)
by Sasha Hibbs
Resurrected from the dead, Michael Blackwell is enraged and heartbroken to find Ally—the girl he loved—in the arms of the very man that killed him as a human. In Michael’s eyes, Ally’s betrayal is absolute. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the man who killed Michael, and even more with the girl he thought he knew. 

Black Apocalypse is a journey full of heartache and redemption where the past weaves an uncertain future. Can Michael forgive Ally for her betrayal? Can Ally finally embrace who she is destined to become to save them both? 

Who is the elusive Seraph, Laurel? Who was the Devourer before his colossal fall from grace? What decisions did they make together that altered the course of history? Shocking revelations, prophecies fulfilled, a war where not everyone will make it out alive...the final installment in the Vulcan Legacies will leave you breathless. 
BLACK APOCALYPSE is available here:

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