Friday, 2 October 2015

Celebrate your Freedom to Read with Deanna Dee #BannedBooksWeek

September 27 - October 3

It's BANNED BOOKS WEEK and we're recognizing this important eek with BANNED BOOK features from our authors. 

Please welcome Deanna Dee, author of Borderline Love in the SUMMER CRUSH Anthology.

Why It’s Important to Start Reading Early by Deanna Dee

There’s a certain character profile people expect of writers. We own at least seven cats. We take coffee intravenously. We live in caves plastered with pages photo copied from craft books (SHOW, DON’T TELL!). We don’t own furniture because our abodes are too full of books to fit anything else because we’ve kept every book we ever read since we started reading at age three.

Personally I can’t say I know any writers for which these statements apply (with the possible exception of the coffee thing). However, if I had to pick one of these to ring most true, it would be the one about books. Most writers, when asked, will admit to being book hoarders. They started reading some I Love My ABCs book way back in the day. From there, it was on to romances/fantasies/mysteries/whatever, and they never looked back. The early years are the vital reading time that instill a love of the written word into most authors, and that love translates into making money penning stories.

What does this have to do with me? Secret sharing time—I didn’t start loving books until I was in my mid-teens.

But…that’s not possible. What about the cats and coffee and cave and…catastrophic furniture failing? (This post sponsored by the letter C.)

Sorry. I don’t have any of those. I don’t even drink coffee regularly. I got through my early years on Disney movies and sixties music. It wasn’t until A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, which had been banned at one point, that I finally found books. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop, and it changed me. I wished I’d started reading sooner. It was important when I was a kid. It’s even more important now, and here’s why.

Today, everything is about the group experience. Social media sees to that. It’s “share this post” or “retweet this” or “+1 this.” Even outside the internet, things are shared. People go to movies together or have movie nights. Concerts are huge events with lots of people. It’s all about sharing the experience.

Reading isn’t like that. Reading is the one-on-one contract between reader and author to have an experience, alone. Sure, there are sharing sights like Goodreads, but the act of reading a book isn’t something you can really do in a group. In a society of instant gratification, reading is one of the few slow activities left, and people, kids especially, should have the pick of whatever books they want. Social media can be overwhelming. It’s important for kids to step away and do something that doesn’t feed into OCD tendencies.

Reading is one such thing. Everybody’s different. One person may love a book. Another may think a book is terrible. Kids need to have the freedom to read whatever they want because if the book that would spark their interest in reading is banned (for example, A Wrinkle in Time), they may never discover what a good story can do. Books taught me things I couldn’t learn or wouldn’t listen to anywhere else. Books share secrets, and even if we all don’t grow up to be cat-collecting, coffee-guzzling, cave-dwelling book hoarders, we’ve found a hobby for life.

Life is short. Start early.

About the author:
“I’m a geek. I write romance. Allegedly, I write geek romance.” 

Deanna Dee is strictly human and does not, to her knowledge, own a hyena. She lives by the sea, which she takes full advantage of in the summer time. Nerd culture and pop culture make up the shameless downtime of her life. The rest of it is writing, and she’s okay with that.

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  1. Great post Deanna! We all have that pivotal book/moment.

  2. Right. We're not all alike, but I do happen to crave my caffeine and I'm limited on furniture. I like things uncluttered, except for my desk, of course, but that's a work zone and clutter seems to fit there. Thanks for the post.

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