Sunday, 4 October 2015

NEW RELEASE: Time Runs Away with Her by Christine Potter

Time Runs Away with Her 
by Christine Potter

It’s not easy being Bean. Bean Donohue lives for her guitar, but her mom threw her out of the house during a snowstorm for singing. No way she’s going to get permission to go see The Grateful Dead at the Fillmore East.  

Zak, her almost-boyfriend, will get drafted if he doesn’t get into art school, pot makes Bean paranoid, and her best friend can’t stop talking about sex. 1970’s not for wimps—but neither was 1885...or 1945. So why does Bean keep sliding backwards in time?

Early review:

5 STARS: "Christine Potter takes the reader on an exhilarating ride back and forth from the age of Queen Victoria to the far-out 1970s, with plenty of cool music along the way." ~ Amazon Reader

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