Friday, 6 November 2015

NEW RELEASE: The Rift by S.D. Wasley #YA #Paranormal

THE RIFT (The Seventh, book 2) by S.D. Wasley

“I longed for normality. Even our own, off-the-wall brand of normality.” 

She’s finally got things together. Mimi’s dating a hot guy and has a place in the school’s Gifted Program with her awesome friends. Yes, she still attracts the dead. But there’s only one ghost these days, and he doesn’t seem to have an awful lot to say. 

Just when Mimi’s life is looking pretty good for the first time in years, the unthinkable happens ... one of the seven gifted teens is torn from their close-knit group. The unity of their circle shattered, things begin to go terribly wrong. It’s ruining their focus—and with the threat of the Astarion cult growing stronger each day, the gifted seven need all the focus they can muster. 

In The Seventh, Mimi found her place in a circle of seven extraordinary teenagers. In The Rift, she must face what happens when the circle of seven is broken.

The Rift is available on Amazon and Evernight Teen.

The Seventh is just $0.99 for a limited time. Buy it here!

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