Sunday, 11 December 2016

New Release: Don't Tell Jessie by Traci Jo Stotts

DON'T TELL JESSIE by Traci Jo Stotts

Jessie tries to make the most of her senior year while dealing with the recent loss of her mother. She spends most of her time taking care of her dad, who has turned into a workaholic, and spending time with her best friend Stef who is getting over his own tragedy, his boyfriend’s suicide.

The only thing bringing a smile to her face is Derek Stevens. He’s just been dumped by the head cheerleader and Jessie’s dreams come true when he asks her out. Stef warns her that Derek might be using her to get his ex-girlfriend back, but she falls for him anyway.

Life is good until a secret turns her world upside down. Now, Jessie must choose between her own grief and salvaging her tarnished relationships.

16+ due to sexuality, adult situations, language, and violence

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