Wednesday, 1 February 2017

NEW RELEASE: Cave of Secrets by K.H. Mezek

by K.H. Mezek
Night Angels Chronicles, 3
A demon force is taking over Oak Haven and people are dying in horrific ways. Somewhere beneath the city lies the hidden chamber and the Secrets to the Origins of Life. If only Sera can find it, maybe she can stop the violence. She needs her dad to help her and she’s certain he’s still alive. But in order to find him, Sera must make a pact with her nemesis, Fabian Gore.
Peter, the Night Angel has vowed to love and protect Sera, but even he can’t help her in this task. Nor can Jimmy, the human whom she knows she can trust. Only the “girl with crazy eyes” can lead Sera to her father. Without her dad, Sera doesn’t think she can go any further.
14+ due to adult situations
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