Sunday, 19 March 2017

NEW RELEASE: ​Absolution Island by Marcus Damanda

by Marcus Damanda

"Do not read this book if you have to be somewhere tomorrow because you are not likely to get much sleep." ~ Amazon Reader

The Salvation State, 2
The chase is over. For Rebecca, Daniel, and the rest of the Forgottens of Second Salvations, there is only one choice: get with the program or die. But there’s a spy lurking somewhere within the cabins of Angel Island, someone with contacts in the outside world. Ruth Black is determined to find out who it is before the world learns the truth about her—and about the special punishment ministry of her husband, the Reverend Matthew.

Rebecca and Daniel are not destined to remain forgotten very long.

Welcome to New America: one nation, under God. An island prison, just for kids, built to convert the very worst of them. Kids like Rebecca and Daniel, with one impossible task:

16+ due to violence and language

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