Sunday, 2 April 2017


by Lindsey Ouimet

5 STAR REVIEW: "Love the writer's style and wit." ~ Amazon Reader


After the death of her stepfather, Michaela Reilly’s family picks up and moves from the bustling city of Miami to a tiny speck of a town in the middle of nowhere Georgia. Starting over is always hard, but when you’re stuck with an emotionally wrecked mother who won’t even look at you and the responsibility of practically raising your younger brother and sister, it’s even more difficult. 

Life in a small, rural town is a lot different from what she’s used to. Beaches are replaced with lazy, shaded rivers. Six lane highways with dirt roads. And Levi, the cute preacher’s son, with intentions as pure as his smile, takes the place of a string of shallow, meaningless hookups back home. Some things remain the same no matter where you go, however. Like the way a cute boy can make things seem not so bad, or how when you fall in love—You. Just. Know.

It's too bad it’s not only the good things that are universal. Bad things can follow you, no matter how far away from them you run. Secrets always end up hurting people. A troubled past will come back to haunt you. Michaela has both.
14+ due to sexuality, language, and adult situations
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About the author:

I’m Lindsey, an author and enormous fan of young adult literature. I grew up absolutely living for the Accelerated Reader Program at my elementary school, devouring one book after another. Over time, my love of reading morphed into a love of telling stories as well. I’ve been writing ever since.

Born and raised in Georgia, I spend most of my time obsessing over fictional characters (both my own and those created by others), wasting time on the internet, marathoning TV shows via Netflix, and hanging out with my husband and our small army of pets.

To date, my greatest claim to fame is the fact that I once made eye contact with Jordan Catalano... I mean, Jared Leto.

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