Thursday, 18 May 2017


Crone (Tomes of the Authentic Witch, 2) 
by C.L. Marin

~Editor's Pick~

Tara is grief stricken over the death of her mother, and heartbroken about Connor’s kidnapping. She drives on, regardless, trying to tap into her authentic powers with the help of Isaac, while the Moodus coven grows impatient waiting for her to fulfill a prophecy she never wanted to know about in the first place.

Going halfway around the world to find the woman who destroyed everything she’s ever loved, Tara ignores the greater issues of the coven for the chance to kill Karmin Cres, and it puts her right in the center of the Haddam fortress. With the world around them erupting into a burning war, will Tara be able to call upon the power of the Crone to assist her? Only one coven will rule when the fires die out, but who will it be? The Moodus or Saddam?

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