Friday, 22 September 2017


by Andi Bremner

"The writing and word building is brilliant as are the secondary characters. I cannot wait for book two which hopefully comes soon." ~ Amazon Reader

Elemental, 1
Scouring the Earth for the last two hundred years, Nate has been searching for the half-fairy girl he's been sent to kill. After following clue after clue, he finally locates her in the quiet coastal town of Holyoake. Oblivious to her true identity and destiny, Eve has lived a sheltered life in the care of guardian angels charged with protecting and hiding her from Nate, the fire demon. It's only when Eve turns eighteen and begins to blossom into her true self that she finally learns the truth.

Meanwhile, Nate prepares to kill her, luring her further and further into his snare, only to discover they share a bond. A bond so great that he finds himself falling hard for her. How can they be together when their union will bring all the demons of hell down upon them both?
14+ due to adult situations
ENTWINED is available here:
Evernight Teen | Amazon | B&N (link coming soon)

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