Monday, 25 June 2018



by Deidre Huesmann

With Jeff Young’s fantastic grades, he should be a great tutor. But he’s terrible with human interaction. “You’re an asshole,” is not a unique phrase to him. Jeff’s all right with that. His past proves most people are assholes.

Even with his reputation, he takes it too far when he uses a textbook to save the track star, Braeden, from a goose attack. Braeden is everything Jeff is not. Tall. Charming. Has 20/20 vision. And would never, ever wipe his mouth after a girl kisses him.

Braeden insists on getting to know Jeff. Jeff vacillates between wanting to know him and wanting to punch him in the mouth. Then he discovers the darkness rippling beneath Braeden’s deceptively easy-going persona. As Braeden confides his secrets, Jeff does the one thing that’s socially suicidal:

He falls in love with the very popular, very straight Braeden Britely.

About the author:

Deidre Huesmann lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she grew up. She’s been writing since childhood, and always been an avid fan of the paranormal, mythological, and fantastical. She can also be found devouring all written and visual forms of true crime, anime, psychology, and child development.

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