Friday, 22 June 2018

KISSED Story Spotlight: It Started with a Kiss by Kacie Ji

Pucker up for KISSED! 
KISSED Anthology: Coming July 20

Kisses can be innocent, playful, or just to comfort. Some are for luck and others have the promise of sweeter ones to come.

That's why we've dedicated an anthology to the kiss. These eight hand-picked stories are brimming with romance, and they all begin and end with a kiss.

Our talented authors will prove that love knows no boundaries. 

Today's KISSED story spotlight is ...

It Started with a Kiss by Kacie Ji

Ella Chambers is quiet, bookish, and has her life going to plan. She should be excited for the next phase of her life, right? What if she’s not entirely sure that the course she’s set is what she wants any longer?

Orphaned, Flynn and his brothers have weathered even the most vicious rumours surrounding their parents’ death. With escape from the claustrophobic little town within sight, Flynn can’t wait to get out…

So why does everything change when a puppy brings Flynn and Ella together?

About the author:

When she’s not writing or sleeping, Kacie can be found discussing plot twists with her cat who usually seems to enjoy being a part of the process. On the days he’s not, she usually finds herself wishing there was a way to mainline coffee while she writes, deletes and tweaks until she sees something that makes her smile.

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