Thursday, 13 December 2018

NEW RELEASE: The Memory Visit by Jenny Lynn Lambert

by Jenny Lynn Lambert
All a person needs to escape the bombed-out cities and tormenting thirst of NorCoast is a fifteen-minute Memory Visit. Seventeen-year-old Rain, however, is not looking for an escape—she needs answers. When flashbacks of her twin brother’s drowning start to overtake her life, she relives that horrible day via a laser probe straight to her brain’s hippocampus.

What she discovers in the Memory Visit is even worse than she thought. Her twin brother, Dal, was murdered, and she is a mark, one of the remarkable people who can alter the past through her memories. Using her newfound ability, Rain attempts to save her brother only to become a target of the assassins who killed him. Soon, she must decide whether rescuing a brother she barely knows in the past is worth risking her life and the lives of people she loves in the present.

14+ due to adult situations

The Memory Visit is available here:

About the author:

After a brief stint of studying mechanical engineering at the University of California at Davis, Jenny Lynn Lambert regained her senses and graduated with a degree in English. When she is not writing, she teaches high school English, including a senior elective class that she created on dystopian fiction. She resides in Concord, California with her husband, daughter and an assemblage of quirky pets.

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