Sunday, 24 November 2019

NEW RELEASE: Breaking Out by S.E. Walker

Breaking Out 

by S.E. Walker

Millennial Child, 2
With each day at Aunt Pippa’s compound, sixteen-year-old Finn James breaks further out of the small, confining box society, and her parents, forced her into at a young age. Spending time with the gifted people her aunt had collected helps her connect with her many special and varied skills.

Saving a life brings government agents Donner and Watkins back into her life. When the agents take her mother and Finn from the compound instead of her, Finn is willing to sacrifice herself for them. Finding herself fully embracing all that makes others think she is the Millennial Child, Finn decides it is time to go on the offensive and rescue those dearest to her. At the same time, she has the council of elders put out feelers online to see if there might be others like her.

Are there other with gifts and talents similar to hers out there? Will Finn remain at Pippa’s Texas Compound? Is Finn really the Millennial Child?
14+ due to adult situations

Find Breaking Out here:

Also available: Fitting In (Millenial Child, 1)

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